Year 8 - 19/03/17

DATE: 19-03-2017                                                                                                CLASS: year 8



1.     Vocabulary on topic 4

2.     Idioms and how to use them

3.     How to compare something and write it




Revise tenses, gender, conjunction, interjection, inflection, idioms etc. Also plan, structure and write-

a.    An essay

b.    An article

c.     A script

d.    A formal/informal letter

e.    A blog

f.      An advertisement

g.     An email

through completing past papers.

Download past papers from OCR website.

Week 1: Download a written paper for year 2013 from OCR website.  Answer question 4 under Travel and wider world.  Use the sub-points given in the paper to help you.


1.     Plan your essay and write the essay in English.

2.     Translate it in Gujarati. Use at least two idioms in the essay (you can use more if you want).

3.     Using the mark scheme, assess your own essay and improve it.  

4.     Using the mark scheme grade your work and write next to each paragraph what marks would you give for communication and for the quality of language.

5.      Remember what has been discussed about word count and start practicing the same.

6.     Submit the plan, essay in English and in Gujarati with graded assessment when you come back.

26th March: complete 2015 Listening paper, Choose one question from 2015 writing paper and prepare a one minute speech on that question/topic.  

2nd April: Complete 2014 reading paper and 2014 writing paper. Use the mark scheme to assess your written work.

9th April: Complete 2013 Listening and reading paper

16th April:  Complete 2013 writing paper. Assess your own work and give marks as per the mark scheme.



Learn the words related to all four topics covered so far from the vocabulary list.