Year 1 - 28/02/16

DATE: 28 /2/ 2016 CLASS: 1A 1B SUMMARY OF WHAT WE DID IN THE CLASS:  Revised “ક to દ” using games and discussion  Revise ૧ to ૨૦ - Numbers  Introduce colours સફેદ (white) લીલો (green) કાળો (black) નારંગી (orange) વાદળી (blue)  Colour map of India & Flag HOMEWORK: due 6/3/16  Find or draw five pictures of vegetables  Complete “Family “ project. PROJECT RELATED HOMEWORK: - none NB. Please bring 1 notebook and a set of colour pencils /felt tips for the gujarati classes Please ensure the workbook 1 is brought every week and ensure your baalaks name is on the book