Year 1 - 24/01/16

DATE: 24 January 2016 CLASS: 1A 1B SUMMARY OF WHAT WE DID IN THE CLASS: Introduce letters ઠ ડ and related vocabulary from workbook. Teachers and students with ઠ did a dance from word ઠુંમાંકો (dance) Akshar rap - dance for baalsabha. HOMEWORK: due 31/1/16  Write twice “ક to ડ” in exercise book  & number ૧ to ૨૫  Complete 38-43 (and any incomplete pages from 1-40)  Learn the Akshar Rap AKSHAR RAP – Letter and Words ક – Ka is for Katar, Cup and Kakdi ખ – Kha is for Kheer, Khajoor and Khichadi ગ – Ga is for Gaal, Ganesh and Gajar ઘ – gha is for Ghar, Ghaas and Ghodo ચ – Cha is for Chamchi, Chasma and Chakri છ - Chha is for CHhokri, CHokro and CHhatri જ - Ja is for Jam, Jalebi and Jambu ઝ - Za is for Zaad, Zebra and Zoo ટ -Ta is for Topi, Tapal and Tametu PROJECT RELATED HOMEWORK: - none Family Tree - Relations Names. NB. Please bring 1 notebook and a set of colour pencils /felt tips for the gujarati classes Please ensure the workbook 1 is brought every week and ensure your baalaks name is on the book