Year 1 - 17/01/16

DATE: 17 January 2016 CLASS: 1A 1B


  1. Reinforced the letter ક to ટ (Ta) & Numbers 1-25 both speaking
  2. Reinforced family (kutum) members and links.
  3. Prepared for the Baal Sabha item to be performed on 7 February “The Akshar Rap”.
HOMEWORK: due 24/1/16  Learn Letters  Learn Akshar Rap – letters and related words to use for the rap as below  Rough Family Tree. AKSHAR RAP – Letter and Words ક – Ka is for Katar, Cup and Kakadi ખ – Kha is for Kheer, Khajoor and Khichadi ગ – Ga is for Gaal, Ganesh and Gajar ઘ – gha is for Ghar, Ghaas and Ghodo ચ – Cha is for Chamchi, Chasma and Chakri છ - Chha is for CHokri, CHokro and CHatri જ - Ja is for Jam, Jalebi and Jambu ઝ - Za is for Zaad, Zebra and Zoo ટ -Ta is for Topi, Tametu and Teacher PROJECT RELATED HOMEWORK: - none Family Tree - Relations Names of your Kutumb NB. Please bring 1 notebook and a set of colour pencils /felt tips for the Gujarati classes Please ensure the workbook 1 is brought every week and ensure your baalaks name is on the book