Virtual Kendra

We are glad to announce that we have  launched "Shishukunj - Virtual Kendra" through the Zoom platform. The idea is that we run a few activities each week tailored for each age group which will aim to:
  1. Provide baalako an opportunity to socialise with baalako of their own age.
  2. Continue to develop our baalako holistically through simple and thoughtful activities.
  3. Promote positivity during this time.
The sessions have been running from Sunday 3rd May 2020 and are currently expected to run until 2nd August 2020.

General Structure
The sessions run from 10am - 12pm. 
  • 8.45am         Morning Session (Workforce and 18+ Only)
  • 9.45am         Registration
  • 10am             Vyayam (Wake Up)
  • 10.15am      Introduction, Dhwaj and Prarthana
  • 10.30am      Gujarati 
  • 11am             Break
  • 11.10am     Gooch Pravruti (See Phoolwadi to find out more)
  • 11.55am     Suchna, Dhwaj and Close
  • 12pm            Reflection (Workforce and 18+ Only)
Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. We hope this term can demonstrate to the baalako the importance of colour along with some of the hidden skills and meanings behind the colours in this રંગબેરંગી world. The colours and themes we will be looking at over this term are...

ColoursDefinition and Related Topics
OrangeSocial Communication + Optimism
YellowHappiness + Gratitude
PurpleImagination + creativity
MagentaUniversal harmony + spirituality
GoldSuccess + achievement
BlackMystery + Magic
RedAnger + Fear
SilverReflection + Learning from the past
GreenBalance + growth
TurquoiseHopes + dreams
Blue & WhiteEquality + respect
BrownSecurity + protection

Things for Baalako to Explore this Week
  1. Baal Mandir
    This week Baal Mandir looked at the numbers 1 - 10 and how to say them in Gujarati. Get your baalako to see how many of these they remember?

  2. Nehru and Shishu
    This week Nehru and Shishu Gooch looked at the letters વ, સ, ર and ડ in their Gujarati lesson. What other objects can they find with the va, sa, ra and da sounds in their house?

  3. Giju and Gandhi
    This week Giju and Gandhi Gooch looked at birds in their Gujarati class. In their Gooch Pravruti sessions they learnt magic tricks which can be found below:

  4. Subash
    This week Subash Gooch looked at the past, present and future tenses in Gujarati. For this week's Gujarati class please read this paragraph and bring to the lesson

    In their Gooch Pravruti sessions they learnt magic tricks which can be found below:

  5. Devchand
    This week Devchand Gooch looked at the topic of મારું ઘર (My House) in their Gujarati lesson where they explored items in their house and household chores. Try and get them to use the vocabulary learnt around the house in everyday conversation.