Our Vision

The Harrow Kendra Vision is a focus for us to determine where we want to take Kendra, how we can improve Kendra and what our main focuses are.  It is what affects all of our activities, decisions and actions at Kendra. The vision may change over time as new leaders come into the organisation and the needs of the baalako changes. 

    Recognise the power of giving time to others and giving the baalako the skills and values to give to others. 
    • Bring in Sewa activities and SIP projects to the baalako.
    • Ensure the workforce value the power of giving their time and the impact they are having on our baalako.
    Tailor our activities to include all baalako and ensure that all stakeholders of Kendra feel part of the family.
    • Ensure all baalako are comfortable, have respect and are family with one another. 
    • Find a way to ensure special needs baalako are included in activities. 
    • Ensure all workforce (including gujarati) feel as one team and work well together. 
    This is all about ensuring Kendra is modern, keeps baalako excited and makes our processes efficient.
    • Create new and unique experiences for the baalako that they would not experience elsewhere.
    • Finding new ways of improving our processes and making Kendra sustainable for the future.
    We need to be maximising opportunity at each stage of a baalak’s journey to ensure they are learning the most they can and constantly improving themselves.
    • Understand the developmental needs of our baalako. 
    • Give responsibility opportunities to our older baalako. 
    • Create a more structured training programme for our volunteers. 
    • Determine a way for better tracking baalako and workforce development.
    Ensuring all the key stakeholders of Kendra are aware of what we are doing and want to be involved. 
    • Keeping all of our baalako (including Karyakars and Senior Talimi Karyakars) and parents updated on the activities of Kendra.
    • Maximising Sankhya at Kendra.
    • Bring in new volunteers and resources to support Kendra.