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Year 1

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 Date: 04/02/2018                                                       CLASS: 1A, 1B

Summary of what we did in the class

Fun session: shapes with numbers

Revise alphabet with words to

Introduce ષ સ હ ળ with words

ષટકોણ, પોષણ, સફરજન, સવાર, હરણ, હાથી, ફળ, કેળા, કમળ

Reading words with vowels

રામ, માધવ, માખણ, રાઘવ, રાજા, રાધા


Home work                                                     Due: 18/02/2018

Finish page 47 and 48 up to

Complete page 83

Bring in pictures about any 5 fruits or vegetables