Gujarati Hwk test

> - Uploading the Gujarati homework each Monday on the Shishukunj website (30 mins)
> - Compiling the Kendra suchna each week (basically the same suchna that is said on Sunday at the end of the day) and sending it to before Monday 5pm. Content provided by KNK and KNBs (15 mins)
> - Creating and sending out the Kendra update to the workforce on Tues/Wed. Content provided by KNBs (30 mins)
> - Replying to parent emails on the Kenton email address (like to acknowledge parent emails where they say that their baalak isn't attending that week etc)
> -Overseeing the Shikshak portfolio- making sure registers are all correct and double checking the sankhya database (filled in by Shikshaks)
> - Compiling the Kendra Letter at the start of the term to send out to parents- with help by me.