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Nehru Gooch - Famine Rap

Famine is when there is not enough food

And it puts everyone in a very bad mood

People’s pockets must be very deep

As food is not very cheap

Famine is when people suffer

And life becomes a lot rougher

Famine is very bad, it makes people feel sad

And they sometimes go mad

When there is famine people feel hunger

Which makes them feel like they want to surrender.


When there is an earthquake

The Earth begins to shake

When there is a flood

We’re all stuck in mud

When we have no money

We can’t feed our tummy

When there is a hurricane

We might all die in vain

When we don’t have any aid

Our lives begin to fade

Famine can be caused by drought

It makes us all feel in doubt.


Famine will make you hungry

Which makes us very angry

We have one piece of bread

If we don’t get any more we will be dead

If we don’t get any food, sick we will be

That will be the end of me

When I’m hungry I will be skinny and thin

I really fancy a baked beans tin

I have no food so I am sad

I have no money so I am mad

Send doctors from London to help us

Maybe they will come with lots of food on a bus.