If you would like to donate Nasto, please email

Prathna Muscians 
If your baalak is interested in singing/playing an instrument in our weekly prathna. It is a great opportunity to increase their confidence and show their talents off! Please also email and Shlok words are saved here. 

Gujarati Homework is available here

Core Kendra Timings: 
Start of day: 8:45am 
End of day : 12:45pm (please join for suchna at 12:30pm in the Main Hall)

Baal Mandir Timings:
Start of day: 11:00am
End of day: 12:45pm

Leaving Early/Absence
If your baalak has to leave early or will be absent to kendra please email Kenton Kendra via, Alternatively, you can fill out our absent/early note to bring to kendra and give to choki desk.  

Shishukunj Uniform 

Members are required to wear Shishukunj uniform at all times. This consists of:

  •  Plain white T-shirt
  •  Plain navy-blue jumper 
  •  Plain, full-length, navy blue jeans/ tracksuit bottoms
  •  White socks & white trainer                                                                    
Dates To Remember

7th & 8th October 2017

Raas Garba

22nd & 29th October 2017

Half Term (inc. Diwali)

10th December 2017

Sewa Day (Tri Kendra Day)


Music Video

In Autumn 2014 we created a wonderful video highlighting memorable activities during the last year, all shown as a music video to the song Udaar ane Bholu

Kenton Kendra Photo Album 

Kenton Kendra Summer Term 2014