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Prathna - Please tell a workforce member if you baalak is interested in singing/playing an instrument in our weekly prathna. It is a great opportunity to increase their confidence and show their talents off!
Prathna and Shlok words are saved here

Gujarati Homework is available here

For any enquiries, please email Kenton Kendra via

Kenton Kendra Trip - 12th March

Trip checklist: 

- backpack
- pencil case 
- vegetarian pack lunch
- raincoat
- Shishukunj uniform (shoes suitable for wet weather)
- £5 spending money (optional)

A few important reminders: 

Drop off/ Meeting point **updated**: Claremont High School (Kenton Kendra) at 9:15am. 
Pick up/ meeting point: Roe Green Park at 3pm

If your baalak has not yet handed in a consent form, please email this to us at We will not be able to take any baalak with us who does not have a signed consent form from their parent/ guardian. Please be aware that Kendra will not be taking place on that day as we will all be on the trip! 

The North London Half Marathon is taking place on Sunday 12th March so please plan your travel to Claremont High School with these road closures in mind. More information can be found here

Core Kendra Timings: 

Start of day: 8:45am 
End of day : 12:45pm (please join for suchna at 12:30pm in the Main Hall)

Baal Mandir Timings:

Start of day: 10:30am
End of day: 12:45pm

Music Video

In Autumn 2014 we created a wonderful video highlighting memorable activities during the last year, all shown as a music video to the song Udaar ane Bholu

Kenton Kendra Photo Album 

Kenton Kendra Summer Term 2014


Shishukunj Uniform 

Members are required to wear Shishukunj uniform at all times. This consists of:

 - Plain white T-shirt

 - Plain navy-blue jumper 

 - Plain, full-length, navy blue jeans/ tracksuit bottoms

 - White socks & white trainers