Harrow Kendra Parents

Namaste! Welcome to the Harrow Kendra Parents Intranet. Here you will find suchna, gujarati homework, photos and more. If there is anything you need please feel free to contact us - our email address is harrow@shishukunj.org.uk

First Day at Harrow Kendra

First Day at Harrow Kendra


Core Kendra Timings: 
8:45am to 
Please join for suchna at 12:30pm in the Main Hall.

Baal Mandir Timings:
11:00am to 


Leaving Early/Absence

For absences we will from now on be using a new Absence Form. If your Baalak was absent or will be absent in the future please fill in the following online form. It is extremely quick and easy to use and means you will not have to give us a letter at Kendra. 

We have noticed over the last few months, the list of baalako leaving early has increased.  Unfortunately it can cause disruption to the day For  your baalak to fully develop from all the activities we offer, we encourage them to stay for the entire day. 

If you baalak has a regular activity after Kendra and needs to leave early please discuss this with Ayshaben by emailing harrow@shishukunj.org.uk

Understandably there will be an occasional need to leave earlier. To help us manage this we would like to request anyone leaving early is picked up at 10.45am (after prarthna). You will still be required to give your name when collecting your baalak and sign out at the Choki Desk (this is to ensure Baalak safety). 

If your baalak arrives later than 9am then they will be marked in late at Choki Desk.

If you would like to donate Nasto, please email harrow@shishukunj.org.uk, or speak to shipa members at our choki desk when you arrive. 

Prathna Muscians 
If your baalak is interested in singing/playing an instrument in our weekly prathna. It is a great opportunity to increase their confidence and show their talents off! Please also email harrow@shishukunj.org.ukPrathna and Shlok words are saved here. 

Gujarati Homework is available here

Shishukunj Uniform 

Members are required to wear Shishukunj uniform at all times. This consists of:

  •  Plain white T-shirt
  •  Plain navy-blue jumper 
  •  Plain, full-length, navy blue jeans/ tracksuit bottoms
  •  White socks & white trainer