Harrow Kendra Parent Portal

Namaste! Welcome to the Harrow Kendra Parent Portal. Here you will find important information where you and your baalak can get involved at Shishukunj; information about the team and what we are trying to achieve; our Gujarati syllabus and homework; photos videos of what we have done at Kendra and much more. 

Key Notices

Please see the below suchna for you or your baalak.

Baal Mandir
This Sunday (1st December) Baal Mandir will be performing in our Baal Sabha (Talent Show) and so we invite you to come and see what your baalako have been working on. 

Baal Mandir are to arrive at 10.30am on Sunday 8th December for a Natak put on by our workforce. We hope they are excited for a fantastic end to the term.

Normal Kendra Timings 
Core Kendra 8:45am to 12:45pm
Worforce and Leadership - 8:30am to 1:45pm
Baal Mandir - 11:00am to 12:45pm

Arriving @ Kendra
If your baalak is under the age of 12 please ensure you drop your baalak to the Choki Desk and sign them in. There will be some limited parking on Kendra (if you arrive early) or you can park on a road nearby (Locket Road, Kenton Lane, College Hill Road, ...). Please ensure you respect the local community and do not block any driveways. If your Baalak arrives later than 9 AM they will be marked in late. 

Picking Up @ Kendra
All baalako will be in their dastas in the hall or playground or in the Hall. Please find your baalak's Dasta Nayak so they know you are taking your baalak home. 

For one off absences or leaving early please use this online form. If you will be absent for a long period of time please discuss with the Kendra Nayak by emailing harrow@shishukunj.org.uk to ensure it does not impact your baalak's development.

Leaving Early
If your baalak is leaving Kendra Early please inform our administration team at the Choki Desk in the morning to discuss the most appropriate time to pick them up without affecting our activities. If your Baalak is regularly required to leave early please email harrow@shishukunj.org.uk to discuss this with the Kendra Nayak to discuss the impact on your baalak's development.

Shishukunj Uniform 

Members are required to wear Shishukunj uniform at all times. This consists of:

  • Navy jeans, tracksuit or jogging bottoms (leggings, 3/4 length trousers or shorts are not permitted).
  • White t-shirt or long sleeved top.
  • Navy jumper (logos must be small).
  • White socks,
  • White trainers.
  • If you have your ears pierced then a single set of small studs may be worn, but all other jewellery (including wedding rings) is not permitted.
  • Nail polish is not permitted.
  • Long hair must be tied up.
Nasto and ShiPA Support
If you would like to donate Nasto, please email harrow@shishukunj.org.uk, or speak to ShiPA members at our choki desk when you arrive. We require support in three key areas this year at Harrow Kendra: parking, choki desk and big nasto preparation. If you can support Kendra and in turn support our baalako one week we will be grateful for your time. 

Gujarati Homework
Gujarati homework for all years is available here

Last Week @ Kendra - 24/11

This week we had our second week of Indian Culture focused activities. We looked at the Ramayana, Indian Food, Music and Indian History. Ensuring our baalako are in touch with their Indian roots is an important part of what we do at Shishukunj. 

We also had our Gandhi Gooch Trip into London where baalako had to visit a variety of locations in London. Each location had a certain number of points and they had to prioritise which locations they want to visit to get the most number of points in total. We ended the day at the Bhavan with Hot Chocolate and presentations about what the baalako learnt in the day. 

Coming Week @ Kendra - 01/12

We will be having our final round of activities all about Indian Culure. We will be looking out India Food, Music, History, Stories and Music. We also have our half-termly Baal Sabha (Talent Show) where some of our baalako will be showing off their amazing abilities. 

Subash Gooch STEM Trip
Subash Gooch will be going on their trip - we hope the baalako are excited and ready to get their teamwork and science minds on for their challenges. 

GUIDE to Harrow Kendra

A Useful GUIDE to Harrow Kendra


Our Photo and Video gallery can be found here
Our Youtube channel can be found here (which includes our wonderful Natak (Pantomime) which can be found here).

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